I have always been fascinated by the creation of things whether it be photos, videos, or objects. Anyone can take a photo or video, but it takes a special person to be able to bring a moment to life through this medium.  Rhythms in nature and relationships between people give off a melodic feeling that is hard to capture.  The pursuit of this feeling is why I continue to shoot.

When I was a freshman in high school, I built my first skateboard ramp, an 8-foot wide and 2-foot tall halfpipe built out of scrap wood that I scoured from dumpsters.  I wanted to build a ramp because it would be a cool place for me and my friends to hang out.  I started getting into videography and photography soon after as I would document my friends and I surfing and skating.  I took these pictures and videos so that I could look back on them at any time and relive that moment and feel like I was really there again.

I've been extremely fortunate to be able to travel throughout my life to exotic locations to surf and explore.  Growing up in Ocean City, NJ, I've always been in love with the outdoors and spending every possible moment in the ocean no matter what season it is.  I have always been traveling, but once I started traveling with my own camera, it gave it a new purpose.  I felt it was my duty to document the places that other people don't get to visit as best as I possibly could, to capture the aura of an environment unknown to me.  Pictures and videos are meant to tell a story.

Many people ask me, "why Engineering" when I could be majoring in something possibly more exciting.  I still have a passion for building things and seek to bring my creative edge to the left-brain world. 

My goal is for people to see the glory that surrounds us everyday on this beautiful planet we call Earth.


From my eyes to yours

Matt Aromando